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Crews battle to extract oil from stricken ship off New Zealand

(News Today) - Efforts to recover oil from a ship carrying nearly a half million gallons of heavy fuel that ran aground after striking a reef off New Zealand are being hampered by high winds and strong swells, officials said Monday.

The Rena, a Liberian-flagged vessel, began leaking oil early Wednesday creating a 5 km (3-mile) slick, after striking the Astrolabe Reef, about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Tauranga, on the North Island.

Approximately 10 tonnes of fuel oil was transferred to tanks on board a barge before the recovery operation was suspended. The weather is expected to deteriorate later Monday, New Zealand's oil spill response agency, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) told CNN.

Naval architects and salvage experts on board the Rena are monitoring the vessel and have placed sensors to provide advance warning should the ship's structure come under too much stress.

MNZ has established a one-kilometer maritime exclusion zone around the ship due to the health risk posed by the oil spill.

National On-Scene Commander Rob Service said dispersants would be made available in the event any thick patches of oil are identified; the dispersant is effective only on thicker concentrations.

Almost all the 1,700 cubic meters (450,000 gallons) of fuel carried by the ship remained within the vessel's hull.

Service said the operation to remove the oil, led by Svitzer Salvage, would be complex.

"There is no way of doing this quickly," he said.

Oil clumps have washed up on Mount Maunganui beach in the Bay of Plenty and oil recovery teams have been dispatched there for clean up operations, MNZ said.

A rescue centre has been set up in the city of Tauranga to clean oil from animals affected by the spill and MNZ has 14 teams working to assist wildlife. Nine birds have been recovered -- seven little blue penguins and two shags, the agency said.

About 300 defense force personnel are on standby for a shore cleanup if needed, the agency said.

Officials fear the stricken ship may spill additional oil as its condition deteriorates.

"I think we'd expect that at some point to have further problems and potentially even break up," Transport Minister Steven Joyce told broadcaster TVNZ.

Greenpeace expressed "extreme concern" about the spill and urged the government to avoid using further toxic dispersants.

"This is an unfortunate illustration of just how difficult it is to deal with oil spills at sea," the organization's Steve Abel said. "Even a slow, and relatively accessible, oil spill like this one has clearly stretched New Zealand's response capability to its limits.

"It is also a potential disaster for the blue whales and dolphins presently calving in the area, as well as numerous other marine species."

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said two inquiries had been launched into the incident to discover how the ship hit the reef.

"This is a very large ship, that in calm waters has hit an extremely well documented reef," he told Television New Zealand.

"Some serious questions need to be answered about why that happened and who is responsible," he said.

Source : CNN

Jaringan ATM Mandiri dan BCA Resmi Terhubung

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - PT Bank Mandiri Tbk dan PT Bank Central Asia Tbk resmi menyambung jaringan Authorized Teller Machine (ATM) satu sama lain, Selasa (11/10/2011) hari ini. Caranya, memasuki usia ke-13 tahun, Bank Mandiri bekerja sama dengan PT Rintis Sejahtera selaku pengelola Jaringan ATM Prima untuk memperluas jaringan ATM.

"Penguatan jaringan ini akan mendorong pertumbuhan transaksi nasabah melalui jaringan elektronik Bank Mandiri dan dapat pula meningkatkan efisiensi dalam bertransaksi,” kata Direktur Utama Bank Mandiri Zulkifli Zain.

Sampai akhir September 2011, jaringan ATM Bank Mandiri telah mencapai 8.993 unit, yang terkoneksi ke lebih dari 21.000 jaringan ATM Link, 30.000 jaringan ATM Bersama dan lebih dari 1,7 juta ATM VISA Internasional seluruh dunia. Penambahan jaringan ATM yang terus dilakukan Bank Mandiri telah mampu meningkatkan transaksi mencapai 454 juta transaksi hingga Agustus 2011 atau tumbuh 19 persen dibandingkan periode yang sama tahun sebelumnya.

Melalui kerja sama yang baru ini, nasabah Bank Mandiri nantinya akan dapat bertransaksi tarik tunai, cek saldo dan transfer antar bank di lebih dari 22 ribu ATM yang terhubung melalui jaringan ATM Prima, termasuk di lebih dari 7 ribu ATM BCA. Atau secara total penguatan jaringan ATM Mandiri akan mencapai 40 ribu ATM, baik yang terhubung melalui Jaringan ATM PRIMA, Link, maupun ATM Bersama yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia. Sebaliknya nasabah ke-48 bank peserta anggota Jaringan ATM PRIMA pun dapat melakukan transaksi serupa di ATM Mandiri.

Presiden Direktur BCA Jahja Setiaatmadja mengemukakan bahwa penandatanganan Nota Kesepahaman ini menjadi awal kerja sama yang baik. "Kerjasama ini tentu akan memberikan kemudahan dan kenyamanan bagi Nasabah," ujar Jahja setiatmadja. Informasi saja, BCA merupakan founding member Jaringan PRIMA yang mengelola shared-ATM jaringan BCA.

Direktur Utama Rintis Sejahtera Iwan Setiawan menyampaikan apresiasi kepada Bank Mandiri karena telah bergabung ke dalam jaringan PRIMA sebagai bank peserta yang ke-49. "Langkah Bank Mandiri ini dapat menciptakan sinergi daya saing perbankan nasional, back-up pelaku sistem pembayaran yang berlapis dan mendorong kemitraan yang kuat dalam menghadapi persaingan regional maupun global," tutur Irwan.

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'Time short' for eurozone, says Cameron

(News Today) - David Cameron has urged European leaders to take a "big bazooka" approach to resolving the eurozone crisis, warning they have just a matter of weeks to avert economic disaster.

The UK prime minister wants France and Germany to bury their differences and to adopt before the end of the year what he claims would be a decisive five-point plan to end the uncertainty, which was having a "chilling effect" on the world economy.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and France's President Nicolas Sarkozy spelt out their determination to defend the stability of the euro as they met for a bilateral summit in Berlin, though they refused to spell out details of their plans.

Mr Sarkozy insisted that the two leading governments in the eurozone were pursuing a common course, and were ready to announce a comprehensive package before the summit of the G20 leading global economies in Cannes, France, at the beginning of November.

Mr Cameron's interview with the Financial Times increases pressure on eurozone leaders to act, including pressing Mr Sarkozy to agree a plan of action for the recapitalization of Europe's banks.

Separately, Mr Cameron wants Germany and others to accept the "collective responsibility" of euro membership and to increase the firepower of the eurozone's €440B ($591B) bailout fund to stop financial contagion spreading from Greece.

Although he refused to speculate on a Greek default -- some British government ministers believe it is now inevitable -- he said all uncertainty had to be removed about the country's economic future.

He also called for the International Monetary Fund to be more active in "holding feet to the fire", confronting eurozone leaders in the starkest terms possible with the consequences of further prevarication.

The final part of Mr Cameron's plan is to address Europe's underlying weaknesses, including deepening the single market and improving the governance of the eurozone, if necessary through treaty change.

"That's the menu," he said. "It's not à la carte -- you have to do the whole thing." His comments reflect growing frustration in London and Washington at the incremental approach so far adopted in response to the crisis. "Time is short, the situation is precarious," he said.

Mr Cameron believes it is vital that Europe's leaders get ahead of the markets by announcing a comprehensive plan, comparing it to the "bazooka" approach once advocated by Hank Paulson, former US Treasury secretary.

He said Europe's leaders must break the habit of doing "a bit too little, a bit too late" and conveyed the message in person over the weekend to Mrs Merkel.

Mr Cameron's endorsement of new EU bank stress tests -- applying market-based write-downs to sovereign debt holdings -- is a tacit acknowledgment that Greece may not be able to meet the onerous terms of its austerity plan.

The tests could put new pressure on the British government to inject more capital into state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland, although Mr Cameron said he thought this would not be necessary.

Separately Mr Cameron called for EU "safeguards" put in place to protect the interests of non-euro members like Britain as the single currency area becomes increasingly integrated.

He detected a French-inspired plot to discriminate against the City of London simply because it operates outside the eurozone. "I'm not having them trying to move our financial services industry to Frankfurt -- forget it," he said.

Source : CNN

Tak Pernah Ada Foto Presiden di Ruang Sidang

(News Today) - Ternyata foto Presiden dan Wakil Presiden memang tak pernah ada di dalam ruang sidang paripurna DPR di Gedung Nusantara II ataupun ruang sidang paripurna MPR di Gedung Nusantara.

"Baik sidang pada zaman Presiden Bung Karno, Pak Harto, dan presiden-presiden setelahnya itu memang rupanya Garuda Pancasila sendirian. Tidak ada foto Presiden dan Wakil Presiden," ungkap Wakil Ketua DPR Priyo Budi Santoso, hari Selasa (11/10/2011), setelah menerima penjelasan dari Kesekretariatan Jenderal DPR.

Dikatakan Priyo, foto Presiden dan Wakil Presiden terpasang di luar ruang sidang seperti di ruang kerja anggota DPR. "Kalau saya neken surat-surat penting, Presiden tersenyum saya angguk-angukin," kata Wakil Ketua DPR itu disambut tawa wartawan.

Humas Sekjen DPR, Jaka Winarko, mengatakan hal senada. Ia menjelaskan, tidak ada foto Presiden dan Wakil Presiden lantaran pembagian kekuasaan legislatif, eksekutif, dan yudikatif. Di pengadilan juga begitu. Di ruangan hakim pasti dipasang. Di ruang sidang tidak.

Tidak terpasangnya foto Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dan Wakil Presiden Boediono di ruang paripurna Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat sempat menjadi pembicaraan di sela-sela rapat paripurna, Selasa pagi tadi. Salah satu politisi PDI-P, Honing, sempat interupsi kepada pimpinan rapat saat itu, yakni Priyo Budi Santoso. Setelah mendapat pesan singkat dari seseorang, Honing mempertanyakan mengapa foto Presiden dan Wakil Presiden tak terpasang di bawah Garuda Pancasila.

Priyo sempat menjawab tidak tahu mengenai hal itu. Ia hanya menjawab akan mengeceknya. Priyo sempat berspekulasi bahwa mungkin foto-foto tersebut masih dibersihkan atau dicari foto yang paling bagus di hadapan sekitar 300 anggota Dewan yang hadir.

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Former Chinese president Jiang Zemin makes rare public appearance

Beijing (News Today) - China's former President Jiang Zemin appeared in Beijing on Sunday, the first time he's been seen publicly since rumors surfaced months ago that he had died.

Jiang, 85, was among many current and former dignitaries attending a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of China's 1911 revolution, which led to the toppling of the Qing Dynasty. China became a Communist state in 1949, under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

At the start of the ceremony at the Great Hall of the People, live footage on China's state-run television showed Jiang for a few seconds as he walked on the stage, closely followed by an assistant.

In another segment, Jiang appears to sing along with others during the playing of the Chinese national anthem.

Death rumors spur reflections on Jiang legacy

Former Chinese premier Li Peng was also in the crowd, among other retired party and government leaders. So were active government ministers, private entrepreneurs and Beijing-based ambassadors from other countries.

In the event's keynote speech, current President Hu Jintao extolled the "thoroughly modern, national and democratic revolution" of 1911. And among other stances, he urged mainland China and Taiwan to work together for a "peaceful reunification of China," according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Reaching an accord with Taiwan had been one of Jiang's focuses in his tenure as president, during which he made conciliatory overtures to the island nation including a "One Country, Two Systems" proposal.

It was one of many efforts he pursued in his time, between 1989 and 2002, as the general-secretary of China's Communist Party and, from 1993 to 2003, as the nation's president.

As China's ruler, he generally pushed market reforms while working to keep the country politically and socially conservative.

China's economy boomed under his leadership, growing at an annual average rate of over 9%. China also regained control of Hong Kong in 1997 and Macau in 1999, while national pride soared in 2000 when Beijing was picked to host the 2008 Summer Olympics.

With rare exceptions, Jiang largely has been out of the public eye in recent years. This summer, Chinese authorities dismissed as "pure rumors" reports that he was on his death bed.

Source : CNN

Pengirim dan Nomor Rekening Terdeteksi

Purwakarta (News Today) - Nomor rekening dan pemiliknya serta pengirim surat berisi ancaman ke istri Bupati Purwakarta, Anne Ratna Mustika, terdeteksi keberadaannya. Namun, Anne menyerahkan penanganannya ke penegak hukum dengan melaporkannya ke Polres Purwakarta, Senin (10/10/2011) sore.

Pengirim surat yang mengaku bernama Nurmalasari mengancam akan menyebarluaskan foto Anne jika tuntutan uang sebesar Rp 2 miliar tidak dipenuhi. Ada dua foto yang dia kirim, satu bergambar Anne dengan busana muslim dan satu lagi tanpa busana.

Bupati Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi menyatakan, ada seorang guru yang memiliki nama yang sama dengan pengirim surat di wilayah kerja Unit Pelaksana Teknis Dinas Pendidikan Kecamatan Sukatani. Namun, saat dikonfirmasi, yang bersangkutan mengaku tak tahu-menahu soal surat itu, dan tak pernah berkirim surat ke istri bupati.

Sementara itu, nomor rekening, sebagaimana dicantumkan pengirim surat untuk transfer Rp 2 miliar, terdeteksi dimiliki seorang warga Desa Gardu, Kecamatan Kiarapedes, Kabupaten Purwakarta. Dia adalah nasabah BRI Wanayasa, sekitar 25 kilometer di tenggara pusat Purwakarta, yang bersebelahan dengan Kecamatan Kiarapedes.

Baik Dedi maupun Anne menyatakan bahwa foto tanpa busana yang dikirim Nurmalasari adalah palsu. Keduanya menilai, foto itu hasil rekayasa digital, antara lain terlihat di daerah leher foto yang menyambungkan wajah Anne dengan tubuh tanpa busana milik orang lain.

Sementara itu, Kepala Kepolisian Resor Purwakarta Ajun Komisaris Besar Bahtiar Ujang Purnama menyatakan akan mengusut pelaku dan motivasi pengiriman surat itu. "Jika perlu pendapat ahli, kami akan mendatangkannya," ujarnya.

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Archbishop meets Mugabe over persecution allegations

(News Today) - Rowan Williams, the leader of the worldwide Anglican communion, sat down for a meeting with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, Williams' spokesman David Brownlie-Marshall said Monday.

Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, is the highest-profile British public figure to meet Mugabe in years.

A breakaway sect of the Anglican church allied to Mugabe protested Sunday against Williams' visit to the country.

Nolbert Kunonga, the excommunicated former bishop of Harare, led the protest.

Williams has accused Kunonga of using state resources to intimidate the loyal Anglican congregation, often with violence.

Williams said he wanted to discuss the issue with Mugabe.

Describing Zimbabwe as "troubled," Williams did not mince his words in a sermon in Zimbabwe on Sunday, asking Mugabe's government to ensure there is "peace and justice" in the country.

"God has given so many gifts to this land. It has the capacity to feed its people and more," he said. "Its minerals wealth is great. But we have seen years when land is not used to feed people and lies idle."

He added that, for a long time, the ruling class held on to power that "they had seized at the expense of the indigenous people, and ignored their rights and their hopes for dignity and political freedom."

"This is replaced by another kind of lawlessness, where so many live daily in fear of attack if they fail to comply with what the powerful require of them," he said.

Kunonga says the archbishop is politicizing divisions within the church by wanting to meet with Mugabe.

"He is going to Zimbabwe to show solidarity with the clergy," Williams' press officer Marie Papworth said Saturday.

"This is a pastoral and not a political visit, but he would want to speak to President Mugabe about the reports he has received from Anglicans being persecuted," she told CNN.

The breakaway faction is led by Kunonga, an ally of Mugabe. According to reports, Kunonga said gay priests had gained too much influence in the church.

The other faction, recognized by the global Anglican Communion, is led by Chad Gandiya.

Two months ago, Zimbabwe's supreme court confirmed Gandiya as the Bishop of Harare but placed all Anglican properties in Zimbabwe in the custody of Kunonga.

Armed with eviction orders, Kunonga has reportedly evicted supporters of his rival from buildings owned by the church, including schools and orphanages. Gandiya has blamed police for harassment, according to The New York Times.

Williams has indicated he believes the intimidation is government sponsored.

"That violence is actively supported by the police, despite court judgments in favor of the new leadership," he wrote in 2010.

At a recent press conference, Kunonga called the archbishop a British diplomat coming to Zimbabwe to represent neo-colonialism.

In 2008, at the height of a violent crackdown against opposition supporters in Zimbabwe, Williams took the view that talking to Mugabe would be fruitless.

"The problem is of course that coming from a church, which in his mind is clearly associated with the colonial past, there is very little moral leverage that any of us have, which is why direct appeals to President Mugabe are most unlikely to produce any results."

Williams is the titular leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the world's third-largest Christian denomination, with about 70 million members.

Source : CNN

Para Dokter Israel Mogok Gara-gara Gaji

Jerusalem (News Today) - Ratusan dokter Israel tak datang ke tempat tugas, Senin (10/10/2011). Mereka mogok gara-gara masalah gaji, kata seorang pejabat Kementerian Kesehatan.

Karena aksi para dokter itu, banyak rumah sakit memperingatkan nyaris tak beroperasi. Rumah sakit telah membatalkan prosedur yang tidak mendesak, sebagian pasien ditolak, sementara yang lain menunggu berjam-jam untuk berobat.

"Kami takkan bisa bertahan lebih dari satu atau dua hari seperti ini," kata dokter Motti Freid di Tel Aviv Medical Center kepada televisi Israel. "Dalam waktu dekat, kami takkan bisa merawat ribuan orang, termasuk mereka yang berada dalam bahaya," kata Kepala Unit Gawat Darurat di Tel Aviv Medical Center Pinny Halperin kepada media Israel, Channel One.

Pemerintah meminta pengadilan mengeluarkan amar yang memerintah para dokter agar kembali bekerja. Kantor Perdana Menteri Israel Benjamin Netanyahu mengeluarkan pernyataan yang menawarkan kenaikan gaji kepada sebagian dokter.

Para dokter tersebut, yang mengatakan mereka bekerja berlebihan, tapi digaji di bawah standar, menyatakan, mereka belum menerima tawaran resmi dari Netanyahu, tetapi mereka akan mempelajarinya segera setelah menerima tawaran itu.

Mogok kerja para dokter tersebut adalah tanda lain kerusuhan sosial di Israel. Protes massa yang diselenggarakan di bawah bendera "keadilan sosial" mengguncang negara Yahudi itu selama musim panas lalu saat ratusan ribu orang menuntut harga rumah yang lebih rendah dan pembaruan ekonomi.

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Yemeni opposition renews call for regime change

Sanaa, Yemen (News Today) - Opposition protesters criticized Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh on Sunday, arguing that the nation's leader has never been serious about stepping down.

Saleh announced Saturday that he would leave power within days, but Yemen's largest opposition coalition said Saleh is known for his stalling tactics and could be preparing for bloodshed.

"He said in 2006 that he will not run for (the) presidency, and that was a lie," said Mohammed Qahtan, a spokesman for the coalition, known as the Joint Meeting Parties. "He said that he will sign the (Gulf Cooperation Council) proposal three times, but declined to do so each time."

Protests demanding regime change continued in numerous Yemeni provinces.

Tens of thousands of women marched through the streets of Sanaa, calling for the United Nations Security Council to announce sanctions against Saleh.

"The U.N. must understand that Saleh will not stop killing. We are demanding that his assets are frozen and that sanctions follow," said activist Arwa al-Mansoor.

Demonstrators and world powers have called for months for Saleh's departure and a transition of power. The GCC, a regional bloc of Gulf Arab nations, hammered out a transition plan months ago, but it hasn't yet been adopted.

"We can oust Saleh from power in hours. However, we gave our Gulf friends a chance to pass the GCC power transfer proposal," Qahtan said Sunday.

Yemen's ruling General People's Congress Party has said it accepts demonstrators' call for regime change, but that such change is only possible through elections.

"Yemen is a democratic country and President Saleh is willing to leave power. He got to power through elections and is willing to step down through the same box," said government spokesman Abdu Ganadi.

Ganadi said that it was against democracy for Saleh to leave power because a few thousand opposition youth are calling for it.

"I reject power and I will reject power in the coming days and I will leave power in the coming days," Saleh told Parliament on Saturday.

But senior Saleh officials said the president did not intend to say that he will be leaving within days, and added that he would step down only if a transition plan is approved.

"Saleh will not step down unless the GCC power transfer proposal is signed. He will not leave power if the proposal is not signed," Ganadi said Saturday.

In his remarks to legislators Saturday, Saleh, who has been ruling Yemen since 1978, referred to the recent months of unrest as a "nine-month-long conspiracy."

He accused the opposition of blowing up pipelines, attacking military stations, cutting off electricity, attacking republican guards, blocking roads, occupying major roadways, beating civilians, shutting down hospitals and schools, and forcibly ejecting persons from their homes.

He told legislators to "pass by the squares, and you will see the terrorism," referring to demonstrators.

Source : CNN

Penganut Koptik Berduka

Kairo (News Today) - Jerman dan Perancis mulai membuat paket kebijakan bersama untuk memperkuat zona euro yang saat ini sedang terkena krisis. Akan tetapi, kebijakan ini bukanlah sebuah ”obat mujarab” untuk mengobati penyakit di kawasan tersebut. Keduanya masih menyembunyikan rincian rencana tersebut.

”Jerman dan Perancis yakin paket kebijakan ini akan menjadi salah satu cara bagi zona euro kembali memperoleh kepercayaan dan kapasitas untuk bertindak. Saya menekankan, ini adalah kontribusi, bukan obat mujarab seperti yang diminta banyak orang,” ujar juru bicara Kanselir Jerman Angela Merkel, Steffen Seibert, di Berlin, Senin (10/10/2011).

Merkel menjadi tuan rumah dan mengundang Presiden Perancis Nicolas Sarkozy, Minggu sore. Mereka berjanji akan mengungkapkan paket baru untuk zona euro pada akhir Oktober ini. Kedua pemimpin menolak memberikan rincian mengenai apa saja yang akan diatur dalam paket tersebut.

Keduanya memberi indikasi bahwa paket itu termasuk rekapitalisasi perbankan Eropa, cara mengatasi utang Yunani, dan koordinasi untuk pembenahan ekonomi. Sarkozy berjanji akan mengungkapkan semua itu pada pertemuan tingkat tinggi G-20 di Cannes, Perancis, 3-4 November mendatang.

Seibert juga mengatakan, Jerman dan Perancis, dua negara dengan perekonomian terbesar zona euro, tidak mengungkapkan rincian kesepakatan tersebut. Keduanya sepakat membahas hal itu secara konfidensial.

Apakah hal itu berarti hanya Jerman dan Perancis yang terlibat pembuatan proposal tersebut? Seibert mengatakan, Merkel ataupun Sarkozy akan terus berhubungan dengan mitra Eropa lainnya. ”Akan tetapi, tugas ini akan dimotori Jerman dan Perancis. Tentu saja selalu ada persetujuan dari negara Eropa lainnya, tetapi tetap dimotori kedua negara tersebut,” kata Seibert.

Tentang Yunani, secara khusus akan ada rapat konsultasi karena menyangkut penyelamatan Yunani. Seibert mengatakan, proses penyelamatan Yunani akan melibatkan zona euro secara keseluruhan.

Merkel sama sekali tidak memberi rincian tentang paket kebijakan tersebut, tidak juga menjelaskan tentang bagaimana rekapitalisasi perbankan dilakukan. Dia hanya mengatakan, semua bank di zona euro akan diukur dengan kriteria yang sama.

Hal ini berada dalam koordinasi antara lain Otoritas Perbankan Eropa dan Dana Moneter Internasional (IMF). ”Semua kebijakan harus menghasilkan kesinambungan,” kata Merkel.

Rusia meminta kejelasan

Sebenarnya zona euro kini sedang sekarat dan tidak bisa lagi sendirian mengatasi masalah kebangkrutan negara. Rusia ingin memberi pertolongan. Akan tetapi, Rusia ingin melihat keadaan dulu sebelum membeli obligasi terbitan zona euro. Pembelian obligasi ini dimaksudkan untuk membantu zona euro memiliki uang.

Penasihat ekonomi Presiden Rusia Dmitry Medvedev mengatakan, pihak Rusia telah berbicara dengan Menteri Keuangan Spanyol Elena Salgado. Kedua belah pihak mendiskusikan partisipasi Rusia dalam pembelian obligasi.

Akan tetapi, pejabat Kremlin, Arkady Dvorkovich, mengatakan kepada Perancis dan Jerman bahwa Rusia tertarik untuk melihat apa rincian dari paket kebijakan penyelamatan yang akan mereka keluarkan.

”Kami berharap Eropa mengumumkan hal itu, termasuk soal strategi yang jelas untuk keluar dari krisis. Jika dukungan dari Rusia dan negara BRICS lainnya (Brasil, India, China, dan Afrika Selatan) diperlukan dalam kerangka strategi tersebut, kami siap membantu,” kata Arkady Dvorkovich.

Sementara itu, pasar saham Eropa menguat antara lain karena kesepakatan antara Merkel dan Sarkozy tersebut. Indeks FTSEurofirst 300 yang merupakan indeks perusahaan top Eropa naik 0,8 persen menjadi 954,97. ”Kami mendapatkan banyak sinyal bahwa krisis akan segera berakhir,” ujar Valerie Gastaldy, analis teknis dari Sekuritas Day By Day di Paris, perusahaan pialang saham.

Source : kompas

Presidents of Sudan, South Sudan vow to resolve issues with talks, not war

Khartoum, Sudan (News Today) - On his first visit to Khartoum since his fledgling nation declared independence, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir agreed with his Sudanese counterpart to hold talks to "reach final solutions" to address continuing differences between their countries.

"My government is ready to discuss and reach final solutions on all outstanding issues -- mainly the economy, security, borders and Abyei status," Kiir told reporters Sunday.

"We shall work on all these outstanding issues and make sure we sign a final agreement on all of them as soon as possible."

After years of violent strife and a January referendum paving the way for a new state, South Sudan separated from Sudan in July.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said then that he wanted "brotherly relations" with his new neighbor, though the two countries remain at odds on a host of issues including borders, how to share oil revenues and the status of the disputed oil-rich border district of Abyei.

During the press conference Sunday, al-Bashir elaborated on current efforts to hash out any differences by pointing to committees that have been established by both sides to negotiate.

"It has been agreed on to establish committees with a timetable to reach final solutions," he said.

The Sudanese Media Center, a semi-official news agency, reported that five such committees had been created. They each have a different focus: external relations, economic issues, higher education, humanitarian affairs, and security and borders.

Tensions between the two countries have risen lately, following conflicts in the border provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile that have spurred fears about a renewed conflict.

Both presidents, however, affirmed their commitment to resolving issues peacefully.

"If we lost unity, then we cannot afford anything less than gaining peace, stability and development," al-Bashir said in an earlier meeting.

Added Kir, the South Sudanese president, "There may be some elements on both sides that would like to take us back to where we come from -- that is war.

"War is not the solution to whatever problems we have. The solution is sitting together and solving the problems."

Source : CNN

Allegri: Ibra Masih Lapar Gelar

Milan (News Today) - Pelatih AC Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, percaya Zlatan Ibrahimovic masih lapar gelar dan ingin terus meraih gelar bersama "I Rossoneri".

Pekan lalu, Ibrahimovic membuat pernaytaan yang mengejutkan. Dirinya merasa sudah semakin tua dan mulai memikirkan pensiun dari sepak bola. Namun, Allegri yakin itu bukanlah isi hati dari Ibrahimovic sebenarnya.

"Kadang kata bisa disalahartikan. Saya tak percaya Ibrahimovic lelah karena musim ini baru saja dimulai. Dia dan siapa pun yang ada di Milan ingin kembali mendapatkan seperti musim lalu. Saya yakin Zlatan ingin tetap bertahan di Milan dan kembali meraih kemenangan bersama klub ini," ujar Allegri kepada La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ibrahimovic tampil sensasional musim lalu. Sepanjang musim di Serie-A, ia mencetak 14 gol dan 11 assist. Sayang, di awal musim ini, Ibra tak bisa memberi kontribusi signifikan bagi timnya karena terkendala cedera. Ia hanya tampil dua kali hingga saat ini, salah satunya saat Milan ditekuk Juventus 0-2 beberapa waktu lalu.

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Prime minister says Egypt 'scrambling' after at least 23 killed in clashes

Cairo (News Today) - Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said Monday that clashes hours earlier between army forces and pro-Coptic Christian protesters had "brought us back" to the tense, violent period at the onset of the recent revolution.

"Instead of going forward, we found ourselves scrambling for security," Sharaf said on state television in an early morning speech, noting that the incident had produced "martyrs, both civilian and from the military."

The bloodshed in Cairo occurred just over a week after the burning of a Coptic Christian church in southern Egypt. The burning prompted the Sunday protest demanding equality and protection of Coptic places of worship.

Dr. Sheriff Doss, the head of Egypt's chief association of Coptics, said 17 civilians died and 40 were injured.

An additional 12 army troops were killed and over 50 were injured, according to Lt. Col. Amr Imam, an army spokesman.

Meanwhile, health ministry spokesman Adel Al Dawi said late Sunday that there were a total of 23 people dead and more than 180 injured.

The protesters -- many of them Coptics or supportive of their cause -- said they had been marching peacefully toward the Egyptian state television building when the violence erupted.

"Suddenly, we were attacked by thugs carrying swords and clubs," one protester, Magdi Hanna, told CNN.

According to Alla Mahmoud, an interior ministry spokesman, some protesters began "firing live ammunition at the army."

"This is the first time protesters fired at the army," added Imam, the military spokesman. "There must be a hidden hand behind this. Egyptians don't do that."

Mohammed Abdel Jabaar, a spokesman for the Egyptian Rebels Coalition that claims to have been part of the movement that led to former President Hosni Mubarak's ouster, blamed "interference from outside" for spurring the violent chain of events.

The January 25 youth revolution coalition, which has been involved in various anti-government protests including Sunday's demonstration, denied that any participants shot at the Egyptian forces.

Samir Bolos, one of the demonstrators, added Sunday that "some unknown people may have fired at the army, but not us."

Witnesses said the army forces fired on the protesters near the state television headquarters. Meanwhile, military trucks could be seen burning on the street.

Hundreds of demonstrators also went to Tahrir Square, the hub of the revolutionary movement earlier this year, according to Bolos. He claimed military police stormed the square with sticks, while protesters fought back with rocks.

A curfew has been imposed for between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. Monday around Tahrir Square and central Cairo, said Imam.

Egypt's National Justice Committee also plans to hold an emergency meeting Monday involving representatives from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the al-Azhar mosque and the Coptic church to discuss the developments, prime ministry spokesman Mohamed Hegazy said. Those talks will be held in the prime minister's building.

Meanwhile, state TV reported Sunday night that Ahmed al-Tayyeb, a prominent Egyptian Muslim leader and grand imam of Al-Azhar, has been reaching out to Coptic church leaders in hopes of containing the crisis.

The protests and clashes follow the September 30 burning of the Mar Girgis church in Edfu, a city in Aswan governorate in southern Egypt.

That attack marked the latest of several examples in which Coptic Christians have been targeted in the North African nation.

About 9% of Egypt's 80 million residents are Coptic Christians. They base their theology on the teachings of the Apostle Mark, who introduced Christianity to Egypt, according to St. Takla Church in Alexandria, the capital of Coptic Christianity.

The religion split with other Christians in the 5th century over the definition of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

In Egypt, they have been targeted of late, including the New Year's Day bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria that left 23 people dead. There have also been sectarian clashes, including one in Cairo on May 7 in which at least 12 people were killed.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, an independent bipartisan federal agency, earlier this year added Egypt to a list of countries named as the worst violators of religious freedom.

Sunday's incident also marks the latest skirmish between protesters and government forces.

An incident last Tuesday outside a military court in Nasr City resulted in the arrests of two protesters. Journalists covering the demonstration were assaulted, according to witnesses.

The same day, military police fired shots into the air to disperse about 400 pro-Coptic demonstrators who had attempted to stage a sit-in in front of the state television building after marching through the streets of Cairo.

Source : CNN

Madrid Lirik Goetze

Madrid (News Today) - Real Madrid tampaknya sangat percaya dengan kemampuan pemain asal klub Jerman. Setelah sebelumnya membeli Sami Khedira, Mesut Oezil, Hamit Altintop, dan Nuri Sahin, kini Madrid dikabarkan tengah mendekati gelandang Borussia Dortmund, Mario Goetze.

Marca mengklaim, bakat sensasional yang dimiliki oleh Goetze telah memikat hati pihak Madrid. Rencananya, "Los Blancos" hendak memboyong pemain 19 tahun tersebut pada pembukaan bursa transfer musim depan.

Wajar jika Madrid terpikat. Kemampuan pemain Jerman ini terbilang luar biasa.

Meski baru berusia 19 tahun, Goetze sudah menjadi andalan klubnya dan juga tim nasional. Bahkan, beberapa pihak menjulukinya "Lionel Messi Jerman."

Namun, untuk mendapatkannya, Madrid harus bersiap untuk mengeluarkan dana yang tak sedikit. Dortmund tentu tak akan melepas pemain andalannya tersebut dengan harga yang murah. Terlebih lagi, kontrak sang pemain baru akan berakhir pada musim panas 2014.

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American fugitive in Portugal fights extradition

(News Today) - Fugitive American hijacker George Wright, who was found in Portugal last month after more than 40 years in hiding, is fighting extradition to the United States, his lawyer told CNN Sunday.

George Wright, 68, is accused of hijacking a plane in the name of black liberation. U.S. authorities were able to locate him near the Portuguese capital of Lisbon in late September by tracking his travel patterns -- ending a manhunt spanning three continents.

Wright's attorney said his client, now a Portuguese citizen, is suffering from heart and blood pressure problems while he awaits his case behind bars in a Lisbon jail.

"He thinks that if he goes to the U.S. he will die," the lawyer, Manuel Luis Ferreira, told CNN. "He was a member of the Black Panthers group, and he fears that he will be made to serve as an example for everyone if he goes, and that he will die in prison."

Ferreira said a motion arguing against extradition was sent to the judge in the case Thursday, and that the judge could call for a trial to determine extradition -- a process that could take several months.

"I'm now trying to establish all the facts about his past and present, and find out more about his life. Here in Portugal he was a very calm man and a much cherished member of his community. He even helped homeless people and took care of them," Ferreira said.

Wright, a married father of two adult sons, goes by the name Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos in Portugal, his attorney said.

When seeking Wright, authorities matched a fingerprint in a Portuguese national identification database with one that they had on file for Wright from his time in prison, according to two U.S. law enforcement officials. Then, they set up a delicate surveillance operation to make sure they had the man who had eluded them for so long, the officials added.

Wright escaped from a New Jersey jail in 1970, where he was serving 15 to 30 years for murder.

Then, on July 31, 1972, Wright and four other members of the Black Liberation Army allegedly went to the Detroit airport and hijacked Delta Flight 841 for Miami. Wright was then dressed as a priest and carried a handgun in a hollowed-out Bible.

Once on the ground, the hijackers demanded that FBI agents dressed only in bathing suits deliver $1 million ransom to the plane. They wanted to be sure the agents were not carrying guns. The money was duly delivered by the scantily clad agents.

Wright fled to Algeria and faded from sight. It's not clear how he ended up in Portugal.

He is fighting extradition, a U.S. federal agent said, and his next court appearance in Portugal is in about two weeks.

It could take several months before Wright is extradited back to the United States to serve out the remainder of his prison term for murder, a lawyer familiar with Portuguese criminal law told CNN on Wednesday.

The Portuguese lawyer, who did not want to be identified, said that while Portugal has strong extradition agreements with European Union countries, extraditing a suspect to the United States could be more complex. Wright can appeal the extradition request on several grounds, thus potentially delaying the process.

Source : CNN

Awas, di Yogyakarta Ada Peminta-minta Tentukan Harga!

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Di luar pengemis sungguhan, banyak orang yang berpura-pura menjadi pengemis atau peminta-minta. Mereka beroperasi dengan berbagai cara, misalnya berpakaian compang-camping dengan suara mengiba atau berpura-pura menderita cacat fisik. Di Yogyakarta ada modus baru peminta-minta, yaitu menentukan sendiri harga yang dimintanya.

Demikian pengalaman Afandi Sido saat sedang berjalan kaki di Jalan Magelang dekat batas kota Yogyakarta-Sleman, Sabtu (8/10/2011) sekitar pukul 18.30. Ia mengungkapkan peristiwa itu di Kompasiana, Senin (10/10/2011). Menurut Afandi, modus baru peminta-minta tersebut diperkirakan sudah berlangsung dalam setahun terakhir ini.

Berdasarkan penuturannya, di dekat pertigaan lampu merah di jalan tersebut, Afandi dihampiri seorang perempuan yang usianya diperkirkan 30 tahun. Perempuan itu digambarkan tidak cacat fisik dan mengenakan pakaian normal dengan sebuah tas jinjing di tangannya.

Perempuan tersebut menurut Afandi kemudian meminta uang untuk ongkos ke Terminal Giwangan dengan alasan tidak punya uang dan kemalaman. Uniknya, perempuan itu menentukan besaran permintaan, yakni Rp 8.000.

"Saya menolak memberi uang kepada perempuan itu karena nominal yang diminta terlalu tinggi dalam konteks 'minta begitu saja'. Apalagi, saat saya perhatikan, dandanannya tak mirip orang yang lelah kesasar atau mencari tumpangan. Bedaknya masih tersapu tipis kelihatan rapi, apalagi dengan gincu yang masih lembab," tulis Afandi.

Afandi mengaku tidak begitu terkejut dengan modus ini karena sebelumnya sudah sering memui orang-orang semacam perempuan tersebut. Ia menduga, penjelasan latar belakang yang dikemukakannya hanyalah akal-akalan untuk meminta uang. Sebab sejatinya, peminta-minta mengumpulkan uang dari kebaikan hati orang lain. "Saya menolak dengan halus," katanya.

Apakah modus peminta-minta bersifat tunggal? Bagaimana mengidentifikasi modus-modus lainnya yang diterapkan peminta-minta? Afandi mengungkapkannya lengkap disertai rujukan atau tautan peristiwa serupa yang dialami jurnalis warga lain di berbagai tempat dan waktu yang berbeda. Dalam tulisannya, ia juga memberi petunjuk mengenai ciri-ciri khas para peminta-minta itu.

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Arrest outside White House as lawmakers debate protests

Washington (News Today) - Politicians fought Sunday to cast the ongoing Wall Street protests in a very different light, with two GOP presidential candidates calling them "class warfare" and prominent Democrats expressing support for the protesters' message.

As lawmakers took to the political talk shows, a crowd of about 100 people protested outside the White House, part of a wave of protests spreading nationwide inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Secret Service said one person was arrested and will be charged with assault on a police officer after throwing a shoe at a uniformed officer.

Lisa Simeone, one of the protest organizers, said the man was trying to throw his shoe over the fence of the White House but missed.

Most of those taking part carried an anti-war message -- something that has happened in other cities as well. Several carried signs asking President Barack Obama to join them for a "beer summit."

Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, who visited a protest Saturday in Atlanta, told CNN Sunday that the protesters "want to be heard."

"And at the same time they want to speak to America, speak to people in power, to officials of the American government but also to the business community, especially Wall Street, to corporate America, to bankers. They're saying, in effect, that we bailed out Wall Street and now it's time for Wall Street and corporate America to help bail out the American people.

"People are hurting. They're in pain and they're looking for jobs. They want us to humanize the American government but also humanize corporate America."

Lewis said he visited the rally near his Atlanta office "to lend my support and to encourage the people because I support their efforts all across America." He was unable to speak to the crowd, he said, but not because he was refused. Lewis said the group told him he could speak after they finished their business, but that he had to leave.

The Occupy Wall Street protests, which have sprouted up in numerous cities, entered their 23rd day Sunday.

Open Story: See iReports from the protests.

The leaderless movement, which began with protests in New York, decries corporate greed and social inequality. But demonstrations have evolved to also include topics such as the war in Afghanistan and the environment.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a petition on its website, asking people to support the protests and send a message to the "reckless Republican leadership in Congress."

Lewis drew comparisons to his experience in the civil rights movement. "When we marched on Washington 48 years ago we marched for jobs and freedom. But we spelled it out. We said we wanted a civil rights bill. We said we wanted that bill to contain a ban on discrimination and public accommodation and employment, and we got it a year later. But these individuals all across America are saying, in effect, that the banks and other businesses are holding millions and billions of dollars and they need to invest in the American people. They need to put people back to work."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she supports "the message to the establishment, whether it's Wall Street or the political establishment and the rest, that change has to happen."

"We cannot continue in a way that ... is not relevant to their lives," Pelosi told ABC's "This Week." "People are angry."

The California Democrat was asked about a remark by her colleague across the aisle Rep. Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House, that he was concerned about "growing mobs" who were "pitting ... Americans against Americans."

"I didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of Congress right here in the Capitol, and he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them," Pelosi said.

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, meanwhile, told CBS' "Face the Nation" that he believes the protests are aimed at drawing attention away from President Obama.

"The proof is quite simply the bankers and the people on Wall Street didn't write these failed policies of the Obama administration. They didn't spend a trillion dollars that didn't work. The administration and the Democrats spent a trillion dollars," Cain said. Citing the president's new jobs bill, Cain added that the "administration is proposing another $450 billion wrapped in different rhetoric. So it's a distraction, so many people won't focus on the failed policies of this administration."

Cain insisted that the protesters "were encouraged to get together." When asked by whom, he said, "We know that the unions and certain union-related organizations have been behind these protests that have gone on."

In New York, several unions endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement last week.

Cain insisted the protests are "anti-American."

"The free market system and capitalism are two of the things that have allowed this nation and this economy to become the biggest in the world," he said. "Even though we have our challenges, I believe that the protests are more anti-capitalism and anti-free market than anything else."

Fellow GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich told CBS that he agrees with Cain that the protests are "a natural product of Obama's class warfare. ... We have had a strain of hostility to free enterprise. And frankly a strain of hostility to classic America starting in our academic institutions and spreading across this country. And I regard the Wall Street protest as a natural outcome of a bad education system, teaching them really dumb ideas."

Both Cain and Gingrich described the protests as "class warfare."

Pelosi rejected that. "When we said everyone should pay their fair share, the other side said that's class warfare," she said on ABC. "No, it's not. It's the most enduring American value: fairness. And it's about everyone paying their fair share. We all have a responsibility to grow our economy, reduce the deficit, keep us No. 1."

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, told NBC's "Meet the Press," "I don't disparage anybody who protests their government for better government. No matter what perspective they come from."

Republicans "want to lower the barriers against Americans who want to rise," he said. Ryan added that divisive rhetoric is "troubling. Sowing class envy and social unrest is not what we do in America."

Jesse LaGreca, a blogger for the liberal Daily Kos, told ABC, "I think the matter at hand is that the working-class people in America, you know, the 99% of Americans who aren't wealthy and aren't prospering in this economy, have been entirely ignored by the media. Our political leaders pander to us, but they don't take action. They stand in the way of change. They filibuster on behalf of the wealthiest 1%. They fold on behalf of the wealthiest 1%."

"We should ask our government to represent the will of the people," he added. "And if the will of the people are demanding action, then they should follow suit."

Source : CNN

Berlima Bersepeda ke Mekkah demi Negara Palestina

(News Today) - Ada jarak 1.800 kilometer antara Yerusalem dan Amman sebagai etape awal plus cuaca gurun nan panas. Akan tetapi, kendala itu seakan tak menyurutkan langkah Sedqi Mutawea dan empat rekannya mengayuh sepeda dari Yerusalem menuju Mekkah melalui rute ke Amman, ibu kota Jordania, tersebut.

Menurut warta Xinhua pada Senin (10/10/2011), kelima warga Hebron di Tepi Barat itu berangkat hari ini. "Ini adalah ekspresi kami," kata mereka menegaskan.

Perjalanan selama sekitar 50 hari itu bertajuk "From Jerusalem to Mecca ... Yes for the Palestinian State". Untuk kegiatan itu, para pesepeda memang sudah berlatih keras cukup lama di Hebron.

Menurut pelatih Suhaib Zahded, perjalanan bersejarah itu merupakan bagian dari aktualisasi permohonan Palestina menjadi anggota Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (PBB).

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Libya fighters in 'final stages' to take Gadhafi hometown, they say

Tripoli, Libya (News Today) - Fighters loyal to Libya's new leaders say they have "reached the final stages of the fight" to take control of former leader Moammar Gadhafi's hometown.

About 10 people were killed and more than 100 injured in the fighting overnight, said Al Zubair Al Kadi, a field commander on the frontline in Sirte, on Sunday.

Troops loyal to the National Transitional Council also entered the pro-Gadhafi stronghold of Bani Walid for the first time on Sunday, said Abdulla Kenshill, an NTC spokesman there.

NTC forces "liberated" nearby the villages of Teninai and Shuwaikh overnight, and advanced to within a kilometer (about three-fifths of a mile) of Bani Walid's main market, he said.

They also took control of the airport in the southwest of the city, he said.

Five fighters were badly injured, he added.

In Gadhafi's hometown, NTC fighters "took over Sirte University last night and all the residential buildings around it, including the student dormitories," Al Kadi said.

Troops loyal to the National Transitional Council "caught many African mercenaries, mostly from Mauritania, while our men were combing the buildings for snipers," he said.

At least one hospital held out but fell to the new authorities on Sunday, he said.

"Our fighters now have full control of the Ibn Sina main hospital in Sirte after fierce clashes," he said, adding that 17 pro-Gadhafi fighters had been captured.

"You can say that we have reached the final stages of the fight," he said before the hospital was taken.

The fall of Sirte cannot come soon enough for Libya's new leaders, eager to declare liberation once the birthplace of Gadhafi is under their control. But battles for the coastal city southeast of Tripoli have raged for weeks as Gadhafi loyalists dug in and put up stiff resistance.

The NTC lost 26 men Friday, said Mohammed Sayeh, a senior council member.

But he said he was confident that Sirte would be under the council's control within days.

That is what the council's military commanders told U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Friday, according to a senior U.S. defense official traveling with him.

Panetta met with the commanders at the naval base that hosts the U.S. Sixth Fleet in Italy, the official said.

The commanders said they have no reason to believe Gadhafi has any control of those militia members who remain loyal to him, the official said.

They further believe that, although the anti-Gadhafi forces are gaining the ability to exercise control, they will likely need training to develop their capabilities, the official said.

Still, no timetable has been drawn up for when commanders will recommend that NATO forces end their involvement, the official said.

Gadhafi, wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, for on charges of crimes against humanity, has not been seen in public in months.

Syrian-based television aired an audio message Thursday that was purportedly from the deposed leader. In it, the speaker urged Libyans to protest the nation's new leadership.

Source : CNN

"Big Bang" di Saku Celana

(News Today) - Eksperimen terbesar di muka Bumi, Large Hadron Collider di CERN Geneva, berusaha menjawab pertanyaan fundamental tentang asal-usul alam semesta, muasal massa, struktur ruang dan waktu, serta kondisi yang ada pada masa awal terbentuknya alam semesta. Eksperimen tersebut begitu rumitnya sehingga tak banyak orang memahami maksud, tujuan, dan prosesnya.

Kini dengan aplikasi LHSee yang tersedia di Google Android Marketplace, khalayak umum bisa mempelajari serta menikmati sisi menyenangkan dan mengagumkan dari eksperimen tersebut. LHSee ditujukan, baik bagi kalangan pakar maupun non-pakar.

Aplikasi ini dirancang oleh Oxford University dan ATLAS, salah satu unit eksperimen di LHC. Aplikasi ini bisa diunduh gratis di tautan Google Android Marketplace di Dengan aplikasi ini, pengguna bisa berinteraksi dengan proses tumbukan dalam 3D.

Pengguna juga bisa mengetahui perangkat yang ada di LHC CERN, mulai dari detektor dan caranya bekerja, bermacam tipe tumbukan, serta lainnya. Dengan LHSee, "Big Bang" kini bak ada di saku celana. LHSee kini sudah mendukung pemakaian dalam beberapa bahasa, Inggris, Perancis, Jerman, Italia, Spanyol, dan Swedia. Aplikasi ini bisa diaktifkan di seluruh smartphone dan tablet dengan sistem operasi Android. Berminat mencoba?

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As violence flares in Homs, Syria warns against recognizing opposition council

(News Today) - Heavy gunfire could be heard Sunday in the Syrian city of Homs, according to an opposition activist group.

Syrian security forces were involved in heavy shooting using machine guns and tank mortars, the Local Coordination Committees said in a statement.

In the neighborhood of Bab Sbaa, explosions were heard and electricity was cut off on several streets, according to the group.

Also Sunday, employees of the Agriculture Department in Homs were attacked and injured by an "armed terrorist group," according to the official Syrian Arab News Agency.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the deputy director of agriculture in Homs survived an assassination attempt when unknown gunmen fired shots at his car.

Another opposition group, the Revolutionary Council of Homs, said that the western Syrian city remains isolated, with all major roads cut off. The group also said landline phones and the internet were not working in several Homs neighborhoods.

"It's like a war zone," a Homs resident and opposition member told CNN. This man is not being named by CNN for security reasons.

He said he can see at least eight tanks within a few hundred meters of his home, and that the constant gunfire he's heard since Friday increased in intensity Sunday during the early evening hours.

"I believe this nation wants the regime to fall," el-Arabi said. "And I know that we will pay a heavy price, but I want the international community to help reduce that price."

CNN is unable to independently confirm death tolls or events in Syria, which has restricted access to many parts of the country by international journalists.

Meantime, embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem had harsh words for nations that appeared unsympathetic to their government.

"Syria will take strong measures against any country that recognizes the opposition council formed in Turkey," al-Moallem said, referring to a new alignment of Syrian opposition groups, the Syrian National Council, which announced last week in Istanbul that it will "represent the Syrian revolution."

"I am not interested in what they seek," he said, according to the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

"Do the armed terrorist groups want to hold a national dialogue? ... Do the armed groups, which assassinate intellectuals and scholars, want reforms in Syria?" he asked. "These groups kill people for money; therefore I don't see any relation between what they do and the reform program and the scheduled dialogue."

Al-Moallem was speaking to delegates from the eight-member Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, who were in Damascus to show their support for al-Assad.

The president also met with delegates, stressing that the reform process in Syria will move forward "independent of any foreign dictates," SANA reported.

"The foreign attack on Syria got more fierce as soon as the internal situation started to get better, since what they want is not reforms, but to make Syria pay the price for its stances and defiance of the foreign plots in the region," al-Assad said.

Al-Moallem also warned countries to protect Syrian embassies on their soil, after protesters attacked Syrian embassies in Berlin, London and Vienna over the weekend.

"I warn the countries who do not protect the Syrian missions in their countries, we will treat theirs equally in Damascus," Syria's foreign minister said Sunday.

Two dozen people stormed the Syrian embassy in Berlin on Saturday night and caused extensive damage inside the building, police in that city said. Officers were dispatched to the scene and spoke to the activists, who then relented and left the embassy. There were no arrests.

That incident came after an attack the night before on the Syrian's embassy in Vienna, in neighboring Austria.

About 20 people entered the second floor of the embassy and caused damage on the premises, police spokesman Hannes Hartl told CNN Sunday.

More than 10 people -- all Syrian nationals living in Austria -- were held in custody until the following day, he said.

Nobody was injured. The Syrian embassy remains under police protection, Hartl said.

And at least five people were arrested Saturday afternoon outside the Syrian Embassy in London, suspected of criminal damage, the Metropolitan Police said.

"Three people involved in protests outside the Syrian embassy in London gained access to the roof of the entrance of the embassy. They were taken down and arrested," the police said in a statement.

"There was no breach of security, and they never gained entrance to the embassy. The other two were arrested after that for separate incidents relating to the protests outside the embassy," they said.

Protests in Syria erupted seven months ago, and demonstrators want a Syria free of the Assad regime as well as democratic elections, they say. Assad has been in power since 2000; his father, Hafez, ruled Syria for three decades until his death that year.

The United Nations estimates that more than 2,900 people have died since the uprising began in mid-March.

Opposition activists say the government crackdown is a systematic, sustained slaughter.

The government has consistently said it is going after armed groups.

Foreign Minister al-Moallem said Sunday that "the armed groups (have) killed 1,110 Syrians."

Source : CNN

Villa Berkembang Berkat Messi

Barcelona (News Today) - Striker Barcelona, David Villa, memuji rekan satu timnya, Lionel Messi. Villa mengaku bahwa kemampuan bermainnya semakin berkembang sejak bermain dengan striker asal Argentina tersebut.

"Messi adalah pemain yang menuntut kewaspadaan dari orang-orang yang ada di sekitarnya. Untuk itu, Anda harus selalu waspada. Kadang, dia tampak tidak melihat keberadaan Anda, tetapi justru sebaliknya, Anda harus bersiap untuk sesuatu hal yang mustahil ketika bermain dengan Messi karena ini bukan soal apa yang ia lakukan, melainkan apa yang dia buat untuk orang lain lakukan," ujar Villa kepada El Pais.

"Jujur, aku telah merasakan kemajuan sejak bemain dengannya. Pada masa mendatang, ketika aku melihat foto Messi dan aku berada di sampingnya, aku akan berkata, 'Aku bermain bersama Leo Messi.' Sungguh sebuah kehormatan," lanjutnya.

Selain Messi, Villa mengaku Pedro Rodriguez juga menolongnya tampil baik hingga saat ini. "Ketika aku mengalami keraguan, maka aku akan mengamati pergerakannya. Aku akan melihat apa yang Pedro lakukan, dan dia akan membimbingku," ungkap Villa.

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Merkel, Sarkozy hold talks amid euro crisis

Berlin (News Today) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel presented a united front Sunday in the face of regional economic woes, but offered few details about how they would solve financial problems.

"We are on the same wavelength in making decisions," Sarkozy said, pledging along with his German counterpart to pursue a "recapitalization" of European banks.

"We will do this together with our German friends in full agreement. There is no prosperous economy if there are no stable, reliable banks," he said.

Sarkozy said detailed proposals were still in the works, but he stressed the importance of acting quickly -- before the upcoming G-20 meeting in Cannes, France.

"We need to contribute with a lasting and global solution. And this response is one that we (have) decided to respond to before the end of this month," Sarkozy said.

Merkel and Sarkozy -- the leaders of Europe's two largest economies -- met in Berlin amid fears that Greece will default on at least some of its debts, having warned it will run out of money this month.That will put pressure on the euro, the common currency used by Greece and 16 other European Union countries.

"We would like to reiterate the importance of the euro and the necessity to find the necessary answer for the involved countries," Merkel said Sunday.

"The decision of a joint government has been a very difficult one. It's visionary. But the decision of a joint currency is at the very foundation of that," she added.

The scarcity of details offered at Sunday's press conference may not be a coincidence, said Richard Quest, CNN's international business correspondent and host of "Quest Means Business."

"Anybody can agree on these banal generalities," he said. "This is a situation where the devil is in the details."

The unfolding situation is not merely an economic crisis, Quest said.

"It's an economic crisis leading to a political crisis of will to actually make the decisions and make them stick," he said.

"So far there's no serious plan on the table. If you listen to European officials, they talk about negotiating one. What the markets want is to actually see one," Quest said.

Merkel cheered European stock markets on Thursday, hinting that governments could inject cash into troubled banks.

Merkel said providing government money for European banks that are struggling with liquidity issues "is sensibly invested" if it's clear that such action is needed to prevent a broader financial crisis.

"We should not hesitate," she said, "because otherwise there will be far greater damage to our systems."

European banks have been struggling with fears about potential losses on government bonds issued by troubled European governments such as Greece. The threat of a so-called sovereign debt contagion has also led to a pullback in lending between banks.

The IMF recently estimated that European banks face an overall credit risk of up to 300 billion euros ($401 billion) stemming from bonds issued by Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Analysts suggest the euro will survive, but that tense times lie ahead.

"The system will hold together but it will not be a stress-free exercise. The benefits of keeping Europe and the euro together outweigh the risks over the long-term," said James Rickards, senior managing director at Tangent Capital Partners. "What's going on in Europe is classic brinksmanship."

Dan Dorrow, senior vice president of research at Faros Trading, an independent currency broker-dealer, agreed.

"The risk of someone leaving the euro is a small tail risk probability," Dorrow said.

Merkel and Sarkozy's meeting Sunday comes ahead of a meeting of finance ministers of the Group of 20 nations in France on Friday and Saturday.

Also Sunday, governments of Belgium, France and Luxembourg said they had agreed on a solution for the troubled Franco-Belgian Dexia bank -- pushed to the brink of collapse by sovereign debt and funding pressures.

A joint statement released by the governments Sunday did not give details about the solution, which it said would be submitted to the bank's board of directors for approval.

Source : CNN

2.430 Unit Rusunawa Belum Dapat Dihuni

(News Today) - Sebanyak 2.430 unit rumah susun sederhana sewa (rusunawa) di kawasan Jakarta Timur dan Jakarta Utara belum dapat dihuni oleh warga. Hal ini terjadi lantaran tidak adanya payung hukum berupa undang-undang atau peraturan pemerintah.

"Ada masalah administrasi sehingga belum bisa diserahkan kepada Pemprov DKI Jakarta dan kemudian belum bisa ditinggali warga. Jadi, ada peraturan Kementerian Keuangan yang menyatakan bahwa pemerintah pusat tidak boleh menyerahkan asetnya kepada pemerintah daerah. Sekarang sedang dicarikan payung hukumnya supaya rusunawa segera dapat diserahkan kepada Pemprov DKI Jakarta," kata Kepala Dinas Perumahan dan Gedung Pemerintahan Daerah DKI Jakarta Agus Subardono di Balaikota, Jakarta, Senin (10/10/2011).

Pembangunan rusunawa ini memang menggunakan dana dari Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja DKI Jakarta. Namun, dana dari anggaran pendapatan dan belanja negara juga ikut digelontorkan untuk membangun rusunawa ini.

Sebanyak 2.430 unit rusunawa tersebut sebagian terdapat di Rusunawa Marunda, Jakarta Utara, yaitu sebanyak 11 blok atau 1.080 unit.

Di Jakarta Utara terdapat di empat rusunawa, yaitu Rusunawa Jalan Komarudin sebanyak 6 blok atau 600 unit, Rusunawa Jalan Pinus Elok sebanyak 4 blok atau 400 unit, Rusunawa Cakung Barat sebanyak 2 blok atau 150 unit, dan Rusunawa Cipinang Besar Selatan sebanyak 2 blok atau 200 unit.

"Kami berharap secepatnya payung hukum berupa undang-undang atau peraturan lainnya dapat ditemukan. Dengan demikian, rusunawa tersebut bisa segera ditempati dan dinikmati warga berpenghasilan rendah. Itu merupakan kebutuhan yang sangat mendesak buat mereka, yaitu mendapatkan tempat tinggal yang layak huni," ucapnya.

Sejauh ini, pihaknya telah membangun 83 blok rusunawa yang memiliki 6.643 unit. Semua unit tersebut ada yang telah dihuni dan ada yang masih dalam proses pengisian oleh warga yang menjadi sasaran pembangunan rusunawa.

Selanjutnya, saat ini pihaknya sedang membangun 8 blok atau sekitar 800 unit rusunawa. "Untuk 8 blok rusunawa target selesai pada tahun 2012. Sementara itu, rusunawa yang akan dibangun melalui APBD DKI sebanyak 20 blok atau sebanyak 1.950 unit," ungkapnya.

Pengisian rusunawa yang dibangun APBD DKI Jakarta mengalami kendala karena belum lengkapnya fasilitas serta sarana dan prasarana, seperti air dan listrik, serta proses seleksi warga sebagai penghuni rusunawa.

Mengenai proses seleksi, ia menjelaskan bahwa tidak bisa siapa saja menghuni rusunawa. Proses seleksi dilakukan dengan ketat agar yang menghuni adalah warga yang tepat sasaran.

"Kalau dibuka begitu saja, dalam waktu kurang satu bulan pasti rusun tersebut sudah penuh. Padahal targetnya masyarakat berpenghasilan rendah," tuturnya.

Source : kompas


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