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Pengemudi Honda City yang Terbakar Dilarikan ke RS Dharmais

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Terbakarnya mobil Honda City di tol layang Kuningan arah Semanggi menimbulkan korban. Sang pengemudi mobil dilaporkan mengalami luka bakar hingga terpaksa dilarikan ke Rumah Sakit Dharmais, Jakarta Barat.

"Ya betul, terjadi kecelakaan mobil terbakar," ujar Petugas TMC Polda Metro Jaya, Briptu Gangsar ketika dihubungi detikcom, Kamis (20/1/2011).

Gangsar belum bisa memastikan identitas pengemudi mobil bernopol B 8767 XE tersebut. "Dia mengalami patah tulang, kurang tahu tangan atau kaki," terang Briptu Gangsar.

Hingga pukul 10.50 WIB, masih terdapat percikan api dari mobil tersebut sehingga belum dilakukan proses evakuasi. Petugas masih menunggu petugas pemadam kabakaran.

Kondisi lalu lintas menuju arah Semanggi juga masih macet. Namun setelah melewati lokasi kejadian, lalin terpantau lancar.

"Sebelum TKP macet, namun setelah itu lancar," tutupnya.

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How Should We Call SBY in Bataknese?

The protesters from the Batak ethnic group protested the title of King of Batak, given to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as president was not considered to be descendants of the tribe of Batak on Jan.17, 2011.

Balige, Indonesia (News Today) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was awarded the traditional title of "Patuan Sormulia Raja" by the Batak Angkola Traditional Institution on Tuesday. The presentation of the title was done during the dedication by the President of Batak Museum in Balige, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra.

The title is the highest honorary title of the ethnic group of Batak Mandailing which also means "His Excellency". The presentation of the title was accompanied by the extension of Batak name Siregar to make the name the President to be Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Siregar.

First Lady Any Yudhoyono meanwhile was given a title of Naduma Harungguan Hasayangan which the honorary title for a consort of the king and also a Batak name of Pohan to make her complete name Ani Bambang Yudhoyono Pohan.

The ceremony of the title presentation was started with the extension of traditional costumes to the President and the First Lady. Each of the sub-ethnic group of Batak gave clothes, weapons and other equipment to the President and Mrs Ani Yudhoyono.

The sub-ethnic groups are Toba, Karo, Simalungun, Mandailing, Pakpak Dairi and Angkola. President Yudhoyono and Mrs Ani Yudhoyono accepted the gifts one by one with a smile.

A legislator meanwhile had questioned the government’s stance with regard to the presentation of "the Batak King" title after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had earlier criticized the monarchy of Yogyakarta. Paskalis Kossay of the Golkar Party faction in a discussion here on Tuesday said "the stance will confuse the public."

The coordinator of the Papua National Coalition in the Indonesian parliament and also member of House of Representatives Defense, Foreign Affairs and Information Commission I said in the midst of declining public trust on his leadership it was inappropriate for him to still be willing to accept the Batak King title.

"What is the advantage? This will only draw reactions as if the President and his team seemed to only seek political image building by doing that," he said.

He said what the government did today was against its stance towards Yogyakarta.

"He said a monarchic system is not in line with a system of republic which is democratic. But the fact is he had accepted the title," he said.

In view of that he called on the President and in particular his close assistants to reduce contradictory attitude like this one.

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Local Investors Preferred in Garuda's IPO

GMF AeroAsia technicians walk past a Garuda Indonesia aircraft on the tarmac at GMF AeroAsias hangar in Tangerang January 12, 2011. PT Garuda Indonesia, the nations largest carrier by fleet size, has set the price range for a forthcoming IPO at 750 rupiah to 1,100 rupiah per share

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Local investors are preferred for buying the shares of state-owned airline Garuda Indonesia which is to go public this year, according to State Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar on Tuesday.

"The portion of local retail or individual investors (are preferred) so that (there will be a feeling of possessing a state-owned company," Minister Abubakar said at his office.

He envisaged local investors would take in between 70 and 80 percent of the shares should there only be low interest from foreign investors.

"The government would like to educate the people so that they will have a sense of duty to buy the shares of a state-owned company," the minister said, adding that the government would also like the public to know that the sale of Garuda’s shares was a solution to keep up its performance.

In light of the public offering of its shares, Garuda Indonesia had recently conducted a roadshow in Singapore, the United States and London.

"We’ve seen high interest among foreign investors (for Garuda shares)," he added.

Minister Abubakar also said the pattern for the shares of SOEs to the public as implemented with Garuda, where local investors are preferred, will also be implemented to other state enterprises which have also taken similar steps.

The initial public offering of Garuda will begin on February 11, 2011 with the first bulk of shares to be sold amounting to 36.48 percent, or equivalent to 9.36 billion shares. It is predicted each share will be sold for about 750-1,100 rupiahs. Garuda hopes to raise Rp10 trillion from the IPO.

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SBY Keeps Trust in Ailing Health Minister

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has no plan to appoint a successor or interim minister for Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said.

"There is no plan to (appoint) an interim minister to handle her tasks," he told newsmen at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport here after accompanying President Yudhoyono during a working visit to North Sumatra on Tuesday.

The head of state continued to have confidence in Endang Rahayu to handle the health ministry’s tasks, he said. President Yudhoyono also supported and hoped for the health minister’s health recovery so that she could fully work again, he said.

"Until this time, Endang’s health condition has yet to affect her tasks as health minister," Julian said. Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih herself had confirmed that her ailment would not affect her ministerial activities.

"I have regular medical check-ups at the hospital but this does not affect my ministerial activities," she recently said.

Her lung cancer was detected when she had a regular medical checkup in October 2010.

"On October 22, I underwent a medical checkup but a doctor who noticed the result of my x-ray was concerned and suggested that I had a further medical checkup," she said adding that the lung cancer was then revealed.

After getting a medical confirmation about her health condition, Rahayu said she had reported it to President Yudhoyono. The head of state backed her up for having medications, she said.

For her medical treatments, Rahayu said she went to local and overseas hospitals, including the army and Gading Pluit general hospitals in Jakarta. The health minister’s health condition won other cabinet members’ sympathy.

Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar, for instance, said she believed Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih would remain strong in battling her lung cancer.

"The health minister must be strong. She herself is a doctor so I believed she is strong," she said after receiving Edgae Xavier, the 12-year old wushu athlete that won a gold medal in the 2010 Junior Wushu Championship.

Linda said she herself had experienced the same situation several years ago when she was declared suffering from a breast cancer. She said with the full support of the family and spirit to recover she finally was able to beat the disease and recovered from the illness.

"Therefore I could feel and understand what the health minister is feeling right now and I believed she could be able to surpass it well and recover." she said.

Linda said what was important was support from the family, the people and close associates.

"We must all give her support. Many have suffered from cancer but many have also been able to survive and recover. So the struggle is still long and therefore one must have spirit to recover," he said.

Linda also believed as a doctor the health minister certainly knew what she had to do to fight the disease. "Ibu Endang knows better what she has to do. She is a doctor," she said.

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How Can SBY Show Govt's Seriousness on Settlement of Gayus Case?

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s instruction on the settlement of tax fraud defendant Gayus Tambunan case is proof of the government’s seriousness in solving it, a ruling party legislator said.

"The President’s instruction means the police must dispose of the Guyus case quickly and correctly," Jafar Hafsah, chairman of the Democrat Party (PD) faction in the House of Representatives (DPR), said here Tuesday.

House Deputy Speaker Taufik Kurniawan also said the President’s instruction on the Gayus case was an indication of the government’s seriousness in bringing it to a final solution.

"We hope the law enforcing agencies will respond to the President’s instruction because he means business," Taufik said.

What now needed to be monitored, he said, was the seriousness of the law enforcing agencies in carrying out the President’s instruction within the shortest possible time.

"We need now wait how the state’s law enforcing agencies respond to the presidential instruction, This is something they must do without fail," said Taufik who is also secretary general of the National Mandate Party (PAN),

The President on Monday issued a 12-point instruction on the Gayus case. The first, addressed to the police, the attorney general’s office and the finance ministry, obligates them to settle the Gayus case by involving the Corruption Eradicaton Commission (KPK) and the Financial Assets and Transactions Monitoring Committee (PPATK), encourage the KPK to handle cases untouched by the police, audit the performance of government agencies connected with the Gayus case, enforce the law fairly and indiscriminately and application of the reverse burden of proof principle.

Other points of the presidential instruction called for the recovery of embezzled state assets or money, transfer or discharge of those quilty of corruption, revamping of corrupt institutions, organizations or officials, revision of work systems, periodic reports on settlement of the Gayus case, clarifying the Gayus case to the public, assigning Vice President Boediono and the Judicial Mafia Eradication Task Force to oversee the implementation of the presidential instruction.

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Din Syamsuddin: Meeting with SBY Normative, Unsubstantive

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - The results of Monday’s meeting between President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and inter-faith figures were normative and unsubstantive, according to the dialogue’s initiator, Din Syamsuddin.

"Last Monday evening’s meeting, I would say, was warm and open but not substantive," said Syamsuddin, who is also the head of the Center for Dialogue and Cooperation between Civilization (CDCC) to the press, here on Tuesday.

According to Syamsuddin, the meeting could be taken as a situation at the gate so that he appreciated there would be a continuation of the dialogue. He also reminded that the moral movement by those inter-faith figures must not be linked to any political maneuver and had nothing to do with any effort to impeach the president.

"We in fact oppose the rise and fall tradition of the government. We are of the opinion that the alternating government is not good. So, never relate (this movement) with politics," he said.

He said that this moral movement by the inter-faith figures had long since been conducted and it would never stop. In Islam, it is related with (the concept of) amar ma’ruf nahi munkar, or an aim to improvement.

In addition, the moral movement had not been arbitrarily voicing vacant talks because it had been supported by the executive councils of some 65 civil society organizations with their respective areas of expertise. Therefore, Syamsuddin said, the data presented so far by the movement from aspects on corruption, poverty, unemployment to foreign debts had their bases.

He added that when talking about poverty the government should have just mentioned about statistics on the success in reducing poverty rate, but rather should see also the fact that there were indeed many poor people outside.

"Look at that qualitatively, and don’t just talk quantitatively. There are a lot of people facing problems to get something to eat," Syamsuddin pointed out.

The meeting at the presidential palace was attended among others by Syamsuddin, head of Muhammadiyah moslem organization, Andreas Yewangoe, head of the Indonesian Association of Churches, Catholics public figure Franz Magnis Suseno, Hartati Murdaya, head of Budhhist Council and Confucianism public figure Budi Tanoewibowo.

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Lagi, Kedubes RRC Akan Didemo

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Untuk kesekian kalinya, Kedutaan Besar RRC, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, akan didatangi massa pengunjukrasa. Para pendemo akan mendatangi Kedubes RRC Kamis (20/1/2011) pukul 10.45 WIB.

Selain itu, sejumlah unjuk rasa hari ini juga akan berlangsung di berbagai tempat. TMC Polda Metro Jaya juga melansir sejumlah agenda kegiatan warga DKI yang dikumpulkan berdasarkan Surat Pemberitahuan ke Polda Metro Jaya. Berikut ini agenda selengkapnya:

1. Waktu : 13.00 s/d 16.30, Tempat : - Kantor Gubernur DKI Jakarta Jalan Merdeka Selatan Jakarta Pusat dan Kantor DPRD DKI Jakarta Jalan Kebon Sirih Jakarta Pusat, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

2. Waktu : 09.00, Tempat : Kantor KPU Kota Depok, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

3. Waktu : 10.00 s/d 15.00, Tempat : - Kantor PT Siemens Indonesia Perkantoran Gedung Arkadia Jalan TB Simatupang Jakarta Selatan dan Kantor Pusat PT PLN Jalan Trunojoyo Jakarta Selatan, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

4. Waktu : 12.00, Tempat : Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Pusat Jalan Gajah Mada Jakarta Pusat, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

5. Waktu : 10.45 s/d 13.00, Tempat : Kedutaan Besar RRC Mega Kuningan Jakarta Selatan, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

6. Waktu : 16.00 s/d 17.00, Tempat : Depan Istana Negara Jalan Merdeka Utara Jakarta Pusat, Bentuk kegiatan : Unjuk rasa

7. Waktu : 07.00 s/d 21.00, Tempat : Balai Sidang JCC Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Pusat, Pelaksana : PT. Bank Mandiri, Bentuk kegiatan : Penghargaan dan Workshop Wira Usaha Muda Mandiri 2011

8. Waktu : 07.30 s/d 09.00, Tempat : Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Jalan MH Thamrin Jakarta Pusat dan lampu merah Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan, Pelaksana : Harian Seputar Indonesia, Bentuk kegiatan : Penyebaran Koran Harian Seputar Indonesia

9. Waktu : 08.00 s/d 13.00, Tempat Kegiatan : Gedung Wira Purusa LVRI DKI Jakarta Jalan Raden Inten II Jakarta Timur, Pelaksana : Legiun Veteran Republik Indonesia DPD DKI Jakarta, Bentuk kegiatan : Peringatan HUT LVRI ke-54

10. Waktu : 09.00, Tempat : Gedung Goethe Haus Institut Jalan Sam Ratulangi, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. Pelaksana : Gothe Institut Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Jakarta), Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta dan Tempo, Bentuk kegiatan : Pameran Foto, Pentas Seni dan Diskusi Panel

11. Waktu : 09.00, Tempat : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pemerintahan Abdi Negara Jalan Kebagusan III Gang Baso RT 01/05 No. 45 A Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Pelaksana : Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pemerintahan Abdi Negara, Bentuk kegiatan : Pembukaan Kuliah Umum

12. Waktu : 09.00 s/d 22.00, Tempat Kegiatan : Hall Basket Hall A & B Gelora Bung Karno Senayan Jakarta Pusat, Pelaksana : SMA N 82 Jakarta, Bentuk kegiatan : DAHA CUP IV

13. Waktu : 10.30, Tempat : Aula PMKRI Jalan Sam Ratulangi, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Bentuk kegiatan : Mimbar Bebas / Deklarasi Aksi Bersama

14. Waktu : 10.00 s/d 22.00, Tempat : Area Tugu Proklamasi Jakarta Pusat, Bentuk kegiatan : Jambore Perubahan Suporter Indonesia

15. Waktu : 14.00 s/d 16.00 Tempat : Stadion Bea Cukai Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur. Pelaksana : BLAI PSSI, Bentuk kegiatan : Kompetisi PSSI Divisi III Liga Indonesia XVI Tahun 2010 XIX

16. Waktu : 14.00 s/d 18.00, Tempat : Stadion Tugu Koja Jakarta Utara, Pelaksana : BLAI PSSI, Bentuk kegiatan : Kompetisi PSSI Divisi III Liga Indonesia XVI Tahun 2010 ke-III Group B

17. Waktu : 14.30 s/d 20.00, Tempat : Stadion Soemantri Brojonegoro, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Pelaksana : Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga, Bentuk kegiatan : Pertandingan Sepakbola U-14 Piala Menegpora

18. Waktu : 15.00 s/d 23.00, Tempat : Theater Jakarta TIM Jalan Cikini Raya, Jakarta Pusat, Pelaksana : Satu Production, Bentuk kegiatan : Konser Musik Swara Sang Dewi

19. Waktu : 10.00 s/d 22.00, Tempat : Exhibition Hall A & B JCC Jalan Gatot Subroto Jakpus, Pelaksana : PT Rumah Promosi Indonesia, Bentuk kegiatan : Pameran Trend Furniture 2011

20. Waktu : 19.00, Tempat : Cilandak Town Square Jalan TB Simatupang, Jakarta Selatan, Pelaksana : Jakarta Football Club, Bentuk kegiatan : Launching Jakarta Football Club

21. Waktu : 19.00 s/d 23.00, Tempat : Gedung Serbaguna Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat, Pelaksana : Dewan Pimpinan Nasional Sentral Organisasi Karyawan Swadiri Nasional, Bentuk kegiatan : Perayaan Natal 2010 dan Tahun Baru 2011

22. Waktu : 20.00 s/d 22.00, Tempat : Teater Kecil TIM Jalan Cikini Raya, Jakarta Pusat, Pelaksana : Pusat Kebudayaan Perancis, Bentuk kegiatan : Pertunjukan Musik Dominique A

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Indonesian Workers Trapped at Tunisian Presidential Palace Evacuated

A member of the Tunisian President Security Force stands guard on Janaury 18, 2011 in front of the government Palace in la Kasbah in Tunis. Four ministers in Tunisias new unity government pulled out today, a day after they were appointed, amid mass protests over the inclusion of members of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Alis regime.

Cairo (News Today) - The Indonesian embassy in Tunis on Tuesday evacuated two Indonesian migrant workers employed as housemaids at the Tunisian Presidential Palace.

"Thank God, the two remaining migrant workers at the Presidential Palace had been evacuated to the Indonesian embassy in a healthy condition," Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia Muhammad Ibnu said here Tuesday.

The two migrant workers, 23, who have worked at the presidential palace for the last two years, came from Indramayu, West Java. Ambassador Ibnu said there were five Indonesian housemaids working at the presidential palace, three had already been evacuated last Friday, but it was rather difficult to evacuate the two others because of the very tight security at the palace.

They were trapped in the palace since their employer, toppled Tunisian President Zine Al Abididn Ben Ali, had left the country last Friday to seek refugee in Saudi Arabia after public protest against theit government reached a peak.

Besides at the Presidential Palace, scores of other Indonesian domestic helpers were also employed at rich local government officials, he said. Ambassador Ibnu said the situation in Tunisia is now back to normal and the people are doing their usual daily activities.

"In the meantime, the provisional government is already in place, and government offices, stores and the markets, had resumed their normal daily activities," he said.

The state of emergency in the country had been gradually relaxed, and the curfew had also been shortened from 5 PM - 7 AM to 6 PM - 6 AM, he said. In the meantime, the 120 Indonesian nationals there had already been given accommodation at the Indonesian embassy and at Wisma Duta in Tunis.

Earlier, the transitional government by way of the Tunisian foreign ministry had secured the safety of the Indonesians. The security guarantee had been expressed when Ambassador Ibnu on Monday met Director General for Asian Affairs at the Tunisian foreign ministry Kasry.

In the meeting Ambassador Ibnu expressed his sympathy and hoped from the Indonesian government and people for an early restoration of peace and calm in Tunisia. The Tunisian foreign office expressed highest appreciation for the national concern and sympathy, he said.

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Indonesia Raises around IDR6 Trillion in Bond Auction

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Indonesia raised around IDR6 trillion ($660 million) from its first bond auction of the year, an amount that is more than it had targeted, a senior finance ministry official said Tuesday.

The ministry had planned to raise IDR5 trillion by selling one-year treasury bills and fixed-rate bonds maturing in five, 10- and 20-year.

Rahmat Waluyanto, the director general of debt management office, told reporters via text message that the ministry raised around IDR6 trillion from bids of around IDR9 trillion. Details of the auction will be published by the ministry later in the day.

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Nokia Pulls Plug on Free Music in Most Markets

(News Today) - The world's top mobile phone maker, Nokia, is ending its bundling of free music downloads with mobile phones in 27 countries, where it has gained little traction since its 2008 launch.

Nokia will continue to sell phones with 12-month subscription to free music downloads in China, India and Indonesia and with 6-month subscriptions in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa.

All four major labels - Vivendi's Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group and the music arm of Sony - signed up for the service, which was seen at start as a major challenger for Apple's iTunes.

Nokia unveiled the service in late 2008 in Britain - seen as a test market for new mobile services in Europe - but has lacked operator support and failed to attract many customers.

Reasons behind the lackluster performance include use of older supporting handsets for the product at its launch, digital rights management (DRM) software that tied downloaded music to the device and a difficult to understand product offering.

"The markets clearly want a DRM-free music service," said a spokesman for Nokia, adding the firm continues to offer DRM-free tracks through its music store in 38 countries.

DRM software limits sharing of songs between different devices. Consumers with the free music bundle in the 27 countries where the sale of the service have stopped will continue to have access until their subscriptions run out.

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WikiLeaks Given 2000 Secret Bank Files

(News Today) - THE Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer has provided WikiLeaks with two CDs containing information on more than 2000 bank clients suspected of tax evasion.

The disks were handed over in London last night to the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. They are said to contain secret bank details of clients, including politicians, multinationals, hedge funds and organised-crime figures.

Mr Assange, on bail before an extradition hearing in London next month over Swedish sexual assault charges, said that Mr Elmer has been fighting to have the information made public for five years.

"I am here today to support him," Mr Assange said. "He is going through a prosecution in Switzerland and he is a whistleblower. He has more to say and give to the world to show asset-hiding, whether it be for tax evasion or to hide proceeds of criminal acts or to protect assets from people in nations who are about to fall out of political favour.

"There will be full revelation of names [by WikiLeaks] at a later date, assuming the data is correct and once we have had a look at it."

Mr Assange said the information could be released in the next few weeks.

Mr Elmer, 55, is a former executive at Bank Julius Baer, one of Switzerland's top private banks.

He said that many of those identified in the CDs have exploited bank secrecy laws to avoid taxation. However, he said he could not – and would not – reveal names contained in the CDs due to the complexity of the systems used to hide money and the difficulties in unravelling the real beneficiaries.

"If you can't destroy the evidence, beat the witness; that is what is happening to me," he said. "Others sold information to foreign governments. If I did that I could not stand here and feel that my conscience would allow me. I did offer the information free to [the] German Finance Minister. I got no response.

"I want to talk about the Swiss secrecy system, which is damaging our society. The short story is simple: I was in the Cayman Islands and there was a mouse tail and I started to pull on it. The tail got bigger, looked like a dragon tail. I went back to Switzerland and it became bigger, a fire-breathing dragon with several heads. One head was the banks, the other the Swiss press, to an extent, and they all came after me and my family."

Mr Elmer faces court in Zurich tomorrow over allegations that he breached Swiss banking laws after he handed client data to WikiLeaks in 2007.

He left the bank in 2004 after eight years at its Cayman Islands trust subsidiary. During that time, he has said, he became aware of widespread tax evasion by prominent customers and that this occurred with the full knowledge of the bank's top management.

The bank has denied the claims and accused Mr Elmer of continuing a long campaign which allegedly saw him approach bank clients and pressure them.

Mr Elmer in return has alleged he has been followed and threatened. Swiss journalists who have followed the story have called into question some of his claims.

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Indonesia Probing Legionnaire's Outbreak on Bali

The BAWA team caught using a net for local dogs to vaccinates during an outbreak of rabies on December 2, 2010 in District Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese government, through the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), has begun a mass vaccination program to inoculate 350,000 of the islands dog population to put an end to the rabies outbreak

Denpasar - Bali, Indonesia (News Today) - Indonesia is investigating reports of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease on the resort island of Bali, an official said Tuesday after 10 Australians returned home with the disease.

Bali health department chief Nyoman Sutedja said the Australian government had passed on information about a possible outbreak but so far no sign of the disease had been found.

“We are investigating in the field after receiving a report from the Australian consulate. From the hospitals here we have received no reports of people being infected with Legionnaire’s,” he told AFP.

“We suspect that the disease came from hotels which failed to clean up their water supply.” The West Australian Health Department warned citizens who have recently visited Bali to be alert for symptoms after a total of 10 Australians were treated for the potentially fatal flu-like disease.

Five were diagnosed with severe pneumonia after returning from holidays in Bali in December. Western Australia’s acting chief health officer, Andy Robertson, said the holidaymakers most likely caught the infection in the central Kuta area of Bali, the island’s main tourist hangout.

“We recommend that anyone who falls in one or more of these risk groups who develops flu-like illness after returning from Bali seeks medical advice, and notifies their doctor of their recent travel,” Robertson said.

The disease most often affects middle-aged and elderly people, particularly those who smoke or who have lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease or a weakened immune system. Symptoms are similar to a severe flu and could include fever, chills, muscle soreness, headaches, tiredness, reduced appetite, diarrhoea, dry coughing and breathlessness.

Health insurer International SOS said the cases began in August. At least six victims were believed to have used the same Kuta hotel, and most had visited the same shopping center, it said.

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria that grow in water, particularly warm environments such as hot tubs, hot water tanks, plumbing systems and air-conditioning systems.

It is contracted through inhalation of contaminated water droplets and is not known to be transmitted from person to person. Bali has also been battling a rabies outbreak that has killed more than 100 people since November, 2008.

Source : kompas

Indonesia State Companies to Act as Standby Buyers

In this photograph taken during an aerial survey mission by Greenpeace over Sumatra island, backhoe machines gather cut logs from a peatland forest while a third (R blue) is immobilsed after being submerged in deep mud on October 16, 2010. According to the global environmental campaign group, massive concessions of paper and pulpwood companies are operating in the Islands last remaining peatland forest and the habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger.

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Indonesia's state-owned companies are set to act as standby buyers for the government's bonds, a move aimed at avoiding a sharp drop in prices should recent robust capital inflows into the assets reverse, senior officials said Tuesday.

“We've signed an MoU with the Ministry of State Enterprises today,“ Rahmat Waluyanto, the director general of the debt management office at the finance ministry, said, adding the state-owned companies “should see this as an investment, as they can buy at low prices and receive gains.“

Parikesit Suprapto, the deputy for the services industry at the State Enterprises Ministry, told reporters that under the agreement, 13 state-controlled firms--including four banks and seven insurance firms--will become standby buyers.

The move comes as Indonesia's financial markets have been flooded with foreign capital, with non-residents currently holding around 30% of local government bonds.

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Sensor Pornografi Tak Ganggu Layanan BlackBerry

Jakarta, Indonesia (News Today) - Para pelanggan BlackBerry tak perlu khawatir filterisasi konten pornografi membuat akses internet lambat. Hal tersebut ditegaskan Kepala Pusat Informasi dan Humas Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika Gatot S Dewa Broto.

"Yang jelas, pelanggan BlackBerry tidak perlu takut filtering pornografi akan memengaruhi layanan BlackBerry," ungkap Gatot pada Selasa, 18/1/2011).

Ia mengatakan, saat ini RIM bersama dengan enam operator tengah melakukan kerja maraton untuk melakukan filterisasi situs pornografi di layanan BlackBerry. Perlu diketahui, dalam menjalankan bisnisnya di Indonesia, RIM bekerja sama dengan enam operator telekomunikasi. Mereka adalah Indosat, XL Axiata, Telkomsel, Hutchison CP Telecom (3), Natrindo Telepon Seluler (Axis), dan Smart Telecom.

Menurut Gatot, RIM dan enam operator tersebut tidak menghadapi kendala berarti dalam menerapkan filterisasi konten pornografi. Makanya, ia optimistis pada 21 Januari mendatang situs pornografi sudah tidak dapat diakses lagi dari BlackBerry.

Kepala Divisi BlackBerry PT Indosat Tbk Benny Hutagalung mengatakan, dalam penyaringan situs pornografi, BlackBerry akan tetap menggunakan browser yang disediakan RIM, bukan browser dari operator. Dengan begitu, pelanggan BlackBerry akan tetap mendapatkan layanan internet yang cepat dengan kemampuan kompresi tinggi.

"Semangat kami adalah tetap menegakkan UU Pornografi tanpa mengorbankan layanan yang selama ini dinikmati oleh masyarakat," ungkap Benny.

Manager Corporate Communication PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel) Ricardo Indra menyatakan, Telkomsel tengah melakukan domain name services (DNS) filtering dan menyampaikan data yang diperlukan untuk memblokir situs pornografi di layanan BlackBerry.

Meski tenggat masih 21 Januari 2011, per hari ini sejumlah situs porno telah terblokir di sejumlah layanan BlackBerry. Meski demikian, belum semua situs porno terblokir dan belum diterapkan kepada semua pengguna BlackBerry.

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Tinju, Elyas Pical Versus Gubernur Riau

Pekanbaru, Indonesia (News Today) - Gubernur Riau HM Rusli Zainal dipastikan menantang mantan juara tinju dunia, Elyas Pical, dalam pertarungan tiga ronde yang digelar di Pekanbaru, Sabtu (22/1/2011) pagi.

"Pertarungan Gubernur versus Ellyas Pical merupakan pertandingan ekshibisi untuk menggaungkan pelaksanaan PON XVIII di Riau tahun 2012," ujar Manajer Rusli Zainal, Zulkarnain Kadir, Rabu (19/1/2011).

Saat ini Gubernur Riau sedang berlatih keras di salah satu sasana tinju di Pekanbaru.

Materi latihan yang diberikan mulai dari fisik, berlindung, hingga teknik pukulan kepada "The Challengger", julukan bagi sang Gubernur, untuk mengimbangi permainan Elyas Pical yang merupakan juara dunia IBF kelas bantam yunior tahun 1985.

Rusli Zainal (53) sama sekali tidak memiliki pengalaman di ring tinju, baik di tingkat amatir maupun profesional.

Namun, masa kecilnya tercatat sebagai orang yang sering berkelahi melihat ketidakadilan sebelum kemudian aktif di remaja masjid dan menjadi qori nasional sambil menempuh pendidikan yang mengantarkannya menjadi Bupati Indragiri Hilir dan Gubernur Riau dua periode.

"Meski beliau tidak memiliki pengalaman, dalam pertandingan nanti tidak ada rekayasa. Semuanya berlangsung fair play dan murni demi kepentingan menyemarakkan PON," tegas Zulkarnain.

Ketua Pertina Riau Robin P Hutagalung dalam kesempatan terpisah menyatakan, pertarungan dua orang yang berlainan latar belakang itu merupakan partai puncak dari peresmian ring tinju Pertina Riau, kompleks olahraga di Rumbai, Pekanbaru.

Elyas Pical dan manajernya dijadwalkan tiba di Kota Pekanbaru, Kamis, (20/1/2011), dan kemudian melakukan berbagai persiapan di antaranya berlatih serta menjalani cek kesehatan dan timbang badan pada Jumat (21/1/2011).

"Kesempatan ini merupakan ajang terhormat bagi Riau, dan diharapkan mampu memotivasi atlet-atlet tinju lokal. Oleh karena itu, kami mengharapkan warga Riau bisa menyaksikan pertandingan itu secara langsung dan gratis," ujarnya.

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Wanita Berkerudung Curi Beras 25 Kg

Pamekasan, Indonesia (News Today) - Seorang ibu rumah tangga tertangkap warga saat berupaya mencuri beras di salah satu toko di Jalan Raya Panglegur, Pamekasan, Madura, Jawa Timur, Rabu (19/1/2011).

"Saya terpaksa mencuri karena terdesak kebutuhan ekonomi," kata perempuan berinisial WH (25), warga Dusun Lebi, Desa Ceguk, Kecamatan Tlanakan, ini saat ditanya oleh petugas kepolisian Polsek Tlanakan.

Menurut Edy selaku pemilik toko, upaya pencurian yang dilakukan perempuan tersebut diketahui oleh istrinya.

Pelaku berpura-pura membeli barang dalam jumlah banyak hingga membuat dirinya kebingungan. Bahkan sempat berpura-pura akan menukar uang.

"Setelah saya masuk ke dalam, tiba-tiba dia mencuri beras itu dan yang pertama kali mengetahui adalah istri saya," kata Edy.

Ia menjelaskan, beras yang dibawa tersangka itu 25 kilogram dan pelaku sudah bersiap-siap naik angkot.

Namun, saat itu juga istri Edy langsung berteriak maling dan meminta bantuan sehingga upaya pencurian yang dilakukan tersangka WH dapat digagalkan.

"Warga yang ada di sekitar itu keluar dan menangkap pelaku tersebut," katanya.

Meski sempat ditangkap warga beramai-ramai, WH yang mengenakan kerudung itu masih tergolong mujur karena tidak sempat dihakimi massa, tetapi langsung diserahkan kepada petugas.

Kapolsek Tlanakan AKP Bambang Sugiharto menyatakan, tersangka akan dijerat dengan Pasal 363 Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Pidana (KUHP) tentang Pencurian dengan ancaman hukuman penjara 9 tahun.

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Majalah "Playboy" Masuk iPad Tanpa Sensor

New York (News Today) - Kabar kontroversial datang dari pemilik majalah dewasa Playboy, Hugh Hefner. Dalam akun Twitter miliknya, ia membocorkan rencana bahwa majalah tersebut akan segera tampil dalam versi digital di iPad, tablet buatan Apple.

"Berita besar! Playboy, baik baru maupun lama, akan tersedia di iPad mulai Maret mendatang," katanya di akun @hughhefner. Ia kemudian juga menjelaskan bahwa Playboy versi digital itu akan ditawarkan dalam versi tanpa sensor, baik edisi baru maupun edisi lama.

Hal tersebut tentu mengundang pertanyaan. Pasalnya, selama ini Apple terkenal ketat dan melarang konten porno masuk ke dalam aplikasinya. Jadi, mustahil sebenarnya konten porno tanpa sensor masuk dalam aplikasi iPad untuk saat ini. Kalau Maret mendatang? Entahlah.

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Singapore Investor Temasek to Pay Indonesia Fine

Singapore (News Today) - Singapore’s Temasek Holdings said Tuesday it will pay a fine of 15 billion Indonesian rupiah ($1.66 million) imposed by Indonesia for breaching the country’s anti-competition laws.

The state investment company decided to pay the fine after Indonesia’s Supreme Court rejected its application to review the ruling by a competition watchdog that it had breached anti-monopoly rules in the telecommunications market, Temasek said.

“Temasek is disappointed that its application for civil review has been rejected as it has not contravened Indonesia’s anti-monopoly laws,” said Goh Yong Siang, senior managing director for strategic relations.

“As an international investor, Temasek continues to comply with the laws and regulations of Indonesia in its activities in Indonesia, and will duly follow up to pay the KPPU fine without prejudice to its legal position, and reserves all its rights,” he said in a statement.

Competition watchdog KPPU ruled in November 2007 that Temasek was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour in Indonesia’s cellular phone market through stakes in the two biggest domestic mobile phone operators. Last month, the KPPU said it was considering seeking a court injunction to seize Temasek assets equivalent in value to the fine.

In addition to the fine, the KPPU ordered Temasek to divest its holdings in either PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel) or PT Indosat. Singapore Technologies Telemedia, a wholly-owned unit of Temasek, sold off its interest in PT Indosat to business partner Qatar Telecom in June 2009. Temasek indirectly holds 35 percent of Telkomsel via its 56-percent owned unit Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel).

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